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Welcome to the team Rapide Engineering! Our company is the leader of industrial production tools in Europe. The specialization  of Rapide Engineering focused on the manufacture of tools for the industry, construction, engineering, mechanical engineering and for domestic aim. The company was founded in 1983 as a small factory for the production of metal-cutting tools. At present, our company has 300 highly skilled employees and forceful production capacity. All our products are protected from counterfeit and pass obligatory quality control. In 2005 Rapide Engineering has launched the production line of the instrument for the wide range of buyers. This line consists of more than 10 groups of instruments: the entire range of metal cutting tools, tools for a concrete, stone, ceramics, glass, mechanical tools, abrasive tools and materials and also electric and pneumatic tools. We develop high-tech solutions to our customers all over the world. More over, our production facilities and a separate line of packaging manufacture allow us to produce OEM / ODM products under your brand.

Rapide brand

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Brand Rapide is widespread throughout Europe, Asia and South America, and it is indicative of the quality which have been carefully designed for existing and new market needs. Rapide products reflect the quality and experience of our company. During developing and manufacturing our products, we pay attention on two main principles: price and quality. Our line of products have three types of quality products: simple, intermediate and professional, which will be able to satisfy users of all levels.